Volunteer with APEGA

APEGA - K-12 Outreach

APEGA is committed to supporting the professional engineers and geoscientists of today and tomorrow. Our commitment to the practices of engineering and geoscience in Alberta begins by inspiring a lifelong love of engineering and geoscience through our K-12 Outreach Initiatives (https://www.apega.ca/educators-students/k-12-students). When you share your valuable insight and experience, you make a lasting impact on future professionals.

What we do

  • Inspire students and empower them to pursue their passions
  • Demonstrate the diverse applications of engineering and geoscience and how they positively affect the world around us
  • Equip students with skills for success in our dynamic world.

What we’re looking for

  • Members and non-members who are interested in enhancing understanding of the professions and the variety of relevant careers available in these fields
  • Members who are interested in sharing their passion for their professions with youth
  • Members who are interested in sharing their professional experience and expertise with students and the public

Virtual Rock & Fossil Clinic

The APEGA K-12 Outreach Team is looking for enthusiastic volunteers who are passionate about geoscience and willing to share their expertise with the next generation of geoscientists! Volunteers will be responsible for delivering a short presentation and hands-on activity related to a specific geoscience topic. Presentations will be delivered in real-time through a video-conferencing platform. Volunteers will also have an opportunity to showcase samples from their personal collections, if interested. Successful applicants can be located anywhere in the province.