Volunteer with APEGA

APEGA - K-12 Outreach

APEGA is committed to supporting the professional engineers and geoscientists of today and tomorrow. Our commitment to the practices of engineering and geoscience in Alberta begins by inspiring a lifelong love of engineering and geoscience through our K-12 Outreach Initiatives (https://www.apega.ca/educators-students/k-12-students). When you share your valuable insight and experience, you make a lasting impact on future professionals.

What we do

  • Inspire students and empower them to pursue their passions
  • Demonstrate the diverse applications of engineering and geoscience and how they positively affect the world around us
  • Equip students with skills for success in our dynamic world.

What we’re looking for

  • Members and non-members who are interested in enhancing understanding of the professions and the variety of relevant careers available in these fields
  • Members who are interested in sharing their passion for their professions with youth
  • Members who are interested in sharing their professional experience and expertise with students and the public

APEGA Science Olympics

The APEGA K-12 Outreach Team is seeking enthusiastic volunteers interested in joining the Curriculum Development Work Group for the 2021 APEGA Science Olympics! Members of the Work Group are responsible for developing the challenges for next year’s APEGA Science Olympics events. If you have volunteered at an event previously, this is a great opportunity to become more involved and share your creative ideas with thousands of students!

APEGA - NPPE Question Author

When you volunteer with APEGA’s Examinations department, you help maintain APEGA’s high standards for professionalism, law, and ethics. You join a pool of authors that create the questions used in the National Professional Practice Examination, which APEGA applicants must pass before being licensed to practise in Alberta. The questions you contribute are used by 11 self-regulating organizations across the country.

What we do

  • Contribute to the pool of high-quality examination questions concerning professional, legal, and ethical conduct
  • Review and provide input on questions along with development- and examination-related activities

What we’re looking for

  • Professional members of an engineering association in Canada
  • Volunteers with a high level of written and spoken English
  • Volunteers looking for a flexible, remote, volunteer opportunity

NPPE Question Author

Volunteer NPPE question authors are vital to APEGA’s certification and examination process. They contribute relevant questions based on real-world scenarios to the pool of questions for the National Professional Practice Examination. This role allows volunteers the flexibility to contribute their time how and where they want to.

Average time commitment

One-year renewable term. Volunteers must contribute at least five questions per month, which takes approximately five to eight hours.  

APEGA - Registration Committee

The public trusts APEGA to ensure all practising professional engineers and geoscientists meet the highest standards of professionalism and expertise. Lend your skills to APEGA’s Registration Committee as a subject matter expert and assess new member applications and qualifications. Each year, volunteers on the Registration Committee review hundreds of applications for professional membership to ensure all registrants are qualified and meet our standards.

What we do

  • Assess the professional and academic qualifications of all applicants for professional membership with APEGA
  • Specify a scope of practice for all new professional members
  • Provide recommendations and consultation on special matters to the Registration Executive Committee

What we’re looking for

  • Significant industry experience, ideally 5–7 years
  • Exceptional critical thinking and communication skills
  • Professional judgement
  • Strong interpersonal and collaborative skills
  • Experience interpreting legislation, assessment, and certification programs

Registration Committee

The registration committee reviews applications for registration as a professional member, a licensee, or a professional licensee according to the terms of the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act and general regulation. The Registration Committee ensures applicants meet the requirements before registration is approved and considers matters of policy, significant changes in procedure, examination results, and other matters referred by the Registration Executive Committee or Council.


Average time commitment

Three-year term with the option for renewal at the end of each term. Additional time commitments include:

  • Review 5–15 files per month (equivalent to about 10 hours per month)
  • Attend two workshops per year for training
  • Attend monthly one-hour Webex updates for training, policy, and tools (optional)
  • Participate in Full Academic Committee or Full Experience Committee discussion groups via Webex or teleconference (optional)