Volunteer with APEGA

APEGA - K-12 Outreach

APEGA's commitment to the practices of engineering and geoscience in Alberta begins by inspiring a lifelong love of engineering and geoscience through our K-12 Outreach Initiatives (https://www.apega.ca/educators-students/k-12-students).

Donate your time to inspiring lifelong curiosity and a love of learning and have fun while helping. Design complex challenges for students to solve at the APEGA Science Olympics, connect with classrooms to share your expertise, or introduce the public to the wonders of geoscience at the APEGA Rock & Fossil Clinic. However you want to share your passion, APEGA has an opportunity for you. 

When you share your valuable insight and experience, you make a lasting impact on future professionals.

What we do

  • Inspire students and empower them to pursue their passions
  • Demonstrate the diverse applications of engineering and geoscience and how they positively affect the world around us
  • Equip students with skills for success in our dynamic world.

What we’re looking for

  • Members and non-members who are interested in enhancing understanding of the professions and the variety of relevant careers available in these fields
  • Members who are interested in sharing their passion for their professions with youth
  • Members who are interested in sharing their professional experience and expertise with students and the public

APEGA Science Olympics

Science Olympics is back and more virtual than ever! APEGA's K-12 Outreach team is currently seeking enthusiastic volunteers interested in sharing their passion for engineering and geoscience with students at the 2021 APEGA Science Olympics - Alberta. This event is a great opportunity to foster a love for Engineering and Geoscience in students, promote your profession in the community, and log Professional Development Hours with APEGA.