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Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo (BZS)


All jobs pertaining to the Aquarium and Local Tails sections of BAMZ

Development & Membership

Hospitality & Concessions

Special Events


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Bermuda National Trust

AIM PROGRAMME for Students Community & Service

ATTENTION STUDENTS: You can fulfill your community service requirements while having fun preserving Bermuda's natural environment and protecting the future of our island. Find a community & service project in the listings below and be part of Bermuda National Trust's AIM Programme: Activate * Inspire * Motivate


If your interests are environmental there are some exciting opportunities to get involved in taking care of the Trust's nature reserves. Join in to remove invasive species and replace them with native flora, or help to beautify the area by clearing it of litter.


Do you crave variety? Consider helping with one of our regular activities or to help at a special event. There's bound to be something on the list that will engage your interest.


There are various areas at "Waterville", the Trust's headquarters, where you can help if you are available to volunteer on a regular basis.



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Bermuda National Trust - Trustworthy Shop


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BEST (Bermuda Environmental and Sustainability Taskforce)

2013 Finance and Fundraising

Provides assistance with any of the following: BEST bookkeeping, accounting or fundraising strategies.

2013 IT and Image/Graphics Management

Provides assistance with any of the following: the BEST website and other social media, graphic design and the sound and picture recording of BEST events and projects.

2013 Office and People Management

Provides assistance with the any of the following: planning of BEST projects, day-to-day operations, media management and volunteer management.

2013 Organizational Support

Provides assistance to support the Board and Management teams directly, to develop strategies that will effectively advance the organization.

2013 Public Relations

Provides assistance with marketing, presentation strategies and/or advertising.

2013 Research and Writing

Provides assistance with the investigation and preparation of points of view on issues related to the mission and
mandate of BEST.
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General Interests


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Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB)

Community Clean Up

KBB's holds Monthly, annual Island-wide and Holiday cleanup events

Community Greening & Beautification

Graffiti removal and planting roadside shrubs and city planters are just a few examples of our community greening and beautification work


KBB needs board members to oversee the governance and strategic planning. Office assistance is needed for membership and volunteer database administration


KBB conducts periodic reach to access the quantity and categories of litter debris on the roadside and at the beach
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The Ag Show Ltd

The AG Show 2016

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WindReach Bermuda

Petting Zoo

Area that houses Equines, Goats, Sheep, Rabbits and other small animals. We endeavour to educate persons of all levels of ability that learning basic Animal Husbandry can be used to help enrich the quality of their life. We believe in the Human animal bond as well as learning skills that can ultimately employ someone that may have various barriers to employment.

Therapeutic Riding

WindReach Therapeutic Riding is uniquely providing physical therapy and rehabilitation through its riding lessons. Horses are used in a variety of ways to develop the cognitive skills and to improve the social, emotional, and physical well-being of persons with special needs.

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