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Chewstick Foundation

Cornerstone Foundation

Sunshine League

group home for children between age of 10-15
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Gina Spence Productions

Company Administration

Production Committee

The Production Committee will be managed by the Production Manager who will be responsible for selecting and recruiting a staff of committed, dedicated volunteers for productions (as it relates to specific programs, concerts, workshops and plays) that are in line with GSPIC's mission to serve the community.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is managed by the Public Relations Officer is charged with controlling and marketing all information (media) that is presented to the public.
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Prison Fellowship Bermuda


Executing day to day business of the Ministry: correspondence including newsletters, pay bills, keep accounts, coordinate with Treasurer, managing programs including networking with prison authorities, volunteers and board members. Keeping records of meetings and activities.

Annual Programmes


Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice is a response to crime emphasizing healing the wounds of victims, offenders and communities which have been caused or revealed by criminal activity.


Each week volunteers meet with inmates in a time of sharing and encouragement
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The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Bermuda


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