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Bermuda's Brazilian Football School


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Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda

CURB Admin Assistance

CURB Working Groups

CURB Working Groups are the same as committees. The CURB Council or Board is a working council as opposed to an advisory board. The 'Working Groups' along with the Officers comprise the body of the CURB Council.
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Coalition for the Protection of Children

Office Administration


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Gina Spence Productions

Company Administration

Production Committee

The Production Committee will be managed by the Production Manager who will be responsible for selecting and recruiting a staff of committed, dedicated volunteers for productions (as it relates to specific programs, concerts, workshops and plays) that are in line with GSPIC's mission to serve the community.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is managed by the Public Relations Officer is charged with controlling and marketing all information (media) that is presented to the public.
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General Interests


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Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB)

Community Clean Up

KBB's holds Monthly, annual Island-wide and Holiday cleanup events

Community Greening & Beautification

Graffiti removal and planting roadside shrubs and city planters are just a few examples of our community greening and beautification work


KBB needs board members to oversee the governance and strategic planning. Office assistance is needed for membership and volunteer database administration


KBB conducts periodic reach to access the quantity and categories of litter debris on the roadside and at the beach
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Menuhin Foundation


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The Ag Show Ltd

The AG Show 2016

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