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To assist CADA in raising funds to support our 4 programs: Life Skills, for youth aged between 5-18 years; Let Us Drive a free, late-night, don't drink and drive transportation service; TIPS, a responsible alcohol sales and service training program; and our Community Education and Awareness campaigns.

Office Tasks - Easy

Assist CADA with several different types of easy office tasks

Office Tasks - Specialized

Assist CADA with specialized office tasks on a regular and consistent basis e.g financial inputting or database inputting etc.
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PRIDE - Bermuda Parent Resource Institute for Drug Education



Red Ribbon Week

The Reason for the Ribbon
Red Ribbon Week began in 1988 in honor of DEA Agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena, who was kidnapped and killed in Mexico in February of 1985. Agent Camarena, then 37, had uncovered a multi-billion dollar drug scam in which he suspected officers of the Mexican Army, police forces and government. As he left his office one day, five men appeared at his side and kidnapped him. His body was found one month later in a shallow grave; he had been tortured and beaten. This tragic event produced an immediate outpouring of grief, but over time has generated a sense of hope around the world. That hope is being kept alive through the hard work of thousands of people ---particularly young people---who participate in Red Ribbon events.
The first Red Ribbon Week was proclaimed in 1988 by the U.S. Congress in support of Agent Camarena and the cause he gave his life for -- combating drugs. Red Ribbon Week is marked by the wearing of a red ribbon to send the message: Live drug-free!
The Red Ribbon represents the fight against drugs and is a symbol of intolerance towards the use of drugs. Wearing a Red Ribbon affirms our commitment to drug prevention and education, and honors the memory of Kiki CamarenaThe mission of PRIDE Bermuda’s Red Ribbon Campaign is to present a unified and visible commitment toward the creation of a drug-free Bermuda. It provides the opportunity to talk to your family, your neighbors and your communities about living healthy lifestyles. PRIDE Bermuda encourages everyone to spread the Red Ribbon message of hope.

Schools liaison

Assisting in schools
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Salvation Army

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Harbour Light, Adult Literacy

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