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BEST (Bermuda Environmental and Sustainability Taskforce)

2013 Finance and Fundraising

Provides assistance with any of the following: BEST bookkeeping, accounting or fundraising strategies.

2013 IT and Image/Graphics Management

Provides assistance with any of the following: the BEST website and other social media, graphic design and the sound and picture recording of BEST events and projects.

2013 Office and People Management

Provides assistance with the any of the following: planning of BEST projects, day-to-day operations, media management and volunteer management.

2013 Organizational Support

Provides assistance to support the Board and Management teams directly, to develop strategies that will effectively advance the organization.

2013 Public Relations

Provides assistance with marketing, presentation strategies and/or advertising.

2013 Research and Writing

Provides assistance with the investigation and preparation of points of view on issues related to the mission and
mandate of BEST.
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