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Bermuda National Trust


Do you crave variety? Consider helping with one of our regular activities or to help at a special event. There's bound to be something on the list that will engage your interest.


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Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda

CURB Working Groups

CURB Working Groups are the same as committees. The CURB Council or Board is a working council as opposed to an advisory board. The 'Working Groups' along with the Officers comprise the body of the CURB Council.
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Gina Spence Productions

Production Committee

The Production Committee will be managed by the Production Manager who will be responsible for selecting and recruiting a staff of committed, dedicated volunteers for productions (as it relates to specific programs, concerts, workshops and plays) that are in line with GSPIC's mission to serve the community.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is managed by the Public Relations Officer is charged with controlling and marketing all information (media) that is presented to the public.
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Gina Spence Productions in Christ


Website Maintenance


Fundraising Committee
Productions Committee
Public Relations Committee
Scholarship Committee
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General Interests

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PHENOMENAL PEOPLE.....Living, Loving & Learning

Film Project

Phenomenal People is producing a fictional drama short film for release in September 2016. Our endeavor is to engage Bermudians of all ages in this exciting project.

We are looking for enthusiastic, reliable and committed individuals for the following roles:

  • Cast Members - Experienced as well as novices
  • Production Assistants -Lighting, camera, behind the scenes, etc.
  • Post Production  Assistants
  • Fund Raisers - For three exciting events
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