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Arts, Culture and Community Engagement


Welcome to the Arts, Culture and Community Engagement volunteer opportunities within Ipswich City Council.

Council is proud to have volunteers within the Ipswich Art Gallery, Seniors' Concert Group, Alchemy Street Choir, Ipswich Youth Advisory Council (IYAC) & the Weavers program.

Ipswich Art Gallery:

The Gallery is a visual arts and social history museum presenting a dynamic program of exhibitions and heritage displays with complementary workshops, performances and an extensive program for children and families. Volunteers at the gallery enhance the experience of gallery visitors and provide support at functions, workshops and events. 

Seniors' Concert Group volunteers:

The Seniors Concert Group of volunteers are highly experienced senior performers who provide two professional standard annual concerts in the Ipswich Civic Centre for Ipswich Seniors.

Alchemy Street Choir:

The Alchemy Street Choir is an inclusive community music group that provides participants with a means of enjoyment, self-expression, comradeship and community engagement through song.

Ipswich Youth Advisory Council (IYAC):

The Ipswich Youth Advisory Council (IYAC) is a youth engagement initiative for young people aged 16-25. The goal of IYAC is to ensure Ipswich’s young people are heard on the issues they care about and are empowered to undertake change-making initiatives across the city – designed by young people, for young people.

Weavers Program (Carer Mentor Program)

The Weavers Program will provide personalised peer support for carers from experienced carers; it was designed and built on the concept that carers are the experts in this area.  The Weavers Program supports carers by linking them with a volunteer Weaver/mentor. They are experienced and trained former carers that can walk alongside them on the caring journey and ensure they stay connected with life, family and community.

Please see below a list of current volunteering opportunities. Thank you for your interest in our volunteer program and we hope to hear from you soon.

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Mission Statement

Ipswich City Council engages volunteers for the purpose of supplementing and extending the services, performances and activities offered by Council.

Volunteers are able to contribute many unique talents, skills and knowledge to provide additional and personalised service to clients.

Volunteers are not seen as replacing Council staff, but rather as providing an opportunity for the Council to expand and enhance the current level of service we provide to the community.

Current Opportunities

Infrastructure and Environment

Environment and Sustainability Volunteering with Ipswich City Council

Our volunteer programs are working to COVID Safe plans to reduce the likelihood of community transmission. Some of our programs won't be recruiting new volunteers until later in the year due to social distancing requirements. If you would like more information, please email ievolunteer@ipswich.qld.gov.au

Current Opportunities

Bushcare and Parkcare Groups

Ipswich City Council partners with a variety of groups that aim to conserve, restore and protect natural areas within council boundaries. Whether you'd like to be a weekend warrior or a regular member of a Bushcare group near you, there's lots of great groups to volunteer with in Ipswich.

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