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Self Service Room Customer Service Assistant Volunteer- South Suburban

Volunteer Service Description:

Self Service Room Computer Customer Service Assistant



9600 Aldrich Ave S

Bloomington, MN 55420

Primary Responsibilities of Volunteer:

  • Greet clients as they enter the Self Service Room and inquire how they can assist them or what they (the customer) needs assistance with.
  • Confirm client has a ticket and inquire what it is
  • Inform clients about the Self Service Room and services offered.
  • Logging on to MNsure account or calling MNsure numbers that provide assistance to clients.
  • Answer general questions about services.
  • Print and copy documents.
  • Assist clients with housing and job searches as needed.
  • Assist staff with routine clerical tasks / projects, i.e. update brochures, bulletin boards, keeping the work areas clean and orderly.
  • At the end of shift sanitize all stations that are not being used with wipes (this includes desk top, keyboard, mouse, and phone), remove garbage from stations, and put pens back into container.
  • If the volunteer is bi-lingual he/she may choose to use those skills to briefly assist individuals with limited English
  • Other tasks as defined or assigned.

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