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Clinical/ Medical

This highly specialized response team includes clinical and medical professionals such as physicians, pharmacists, nurses, paramedics/EMTs, mental health professionals, veterinarians, and many more. This Response Team may have medical support staff roles and fill leadership roles at PODs, Disaster Assistance Centers, Family Assistance Centers, and other Hennepin County field operations sites during public health emergencies and other disasters.

The principal functions of this team during a response will be distributing medication and immunizations, managing health issues of members of the public/responders, and assisting staff with their medical and clinical expertise. Those on this team could be called upon to help in mass clinic screening and dispensing, assist in triage at casualty collection points in a disaster, counsel at Family Assistant Centers for Fatality Management, assist local hospital systems by augmenting hospital “surge” staff, rehabilitate and asses first responders and other response staff, staffing aid stations at special events, and more.

Members will also be able to assist HSPHD in non-emergencies when opportunities become available.

  • Members of this team will have professional clinical and/medical work experience.
  • Be a MRC volunteer in good standing