Apply to Volunteer

Life Legacy Review Recordings

The Life Legacy Review is a workbook of questions that review the patient's life, from a very young age to the present. This is a question and answer format that is recorded and put onto a CD for the patient's family. Usually this is a one-time visit.

Hours and duration commitment varies by assignment; based on patient/family needs.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Upon acceptance of assignment, collaborate with the volunteer staff and team members to determine appropriate role in working with the patient/family.
  • Through the volunteer staff or team members, the volunteer may provide input to the plan of care for patient/family.
  • Implements volunteer portion of plan of care through ongoing contact (usually once per week) with the patient/family. 
  • Communicates with the volunteer staff or team members regarding observations, ideas, or concerns related to the patient/family.
  • Maintains strict confidentiality regarding the patient/family.
  • Completes all required documentation of contacts, activities and time on the Volunteer Time Sheet.  Submits appropriate documentation to the Volunteer Department according to Hosparus Health Policies.
  • Provides patient care closure (bereavement support) to family members, if appropriate.
  • Complies with Hosparus Health policies and procedures for volunteers as written in the Volunteer Handbook.
  • Volunteers are not permitted to lift patients, perform any medical procedure, administer or transport medications, transport patients or family members or feed patients.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability and willingness to maintain appropriate boundaries.
  • Compassion, empathy, good communication and listening skills.

Training Requirements: 

In order to accept any volunteer opportunity at Hosparus Health, a volunteer must successfully complete all required training, screening and paperwork in accordance with Hosparus Health policies and procedures, including character references, criminal background check and all required health screenings and immunizations.