Apply to Volunteer


The Ambassador is an approved Hosparus Health Volunteer who serves as a liaison for their church, civic group or organization. The Ambassador will attend functions for the organization that they represent and provide information or make presentations on behalf of Hosparus Health.

Hours are as needed/ varied.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Greet visitors at organization events.
  • Speak on behalf of Hosparus Health to members of their organization, as well as the general public. 
  • Volunteer will also review monthly Hosparus Health Ambassador presentations and talking points provided by the Community Outreach Manager and be prepared to disseminate the information to members of their organization.

Skills and Abilities:     

  • Ability to greet visitors at organization events. 
  • For speaking engagements, must be comfortable with public speaking and skill in using talking points, combined with personal experience.

Training Requirements:  In order to accept any volunteer opportunity at Hosparus Health, a volunteer must successfully complete all required training and screening in accordance with Hosparus Health policies and procedures, including character references and paperwork.  All Volunteer time is to be documented according to Hosparus Health time standards and on a Hosparus Health Time Record or an approved alternative. 

Additional Training: The Community Outreach Manager will provide volunteers with talking points and collateral material.  The Manager will provide training re: speaking on behalf of the organization.