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Licensed Hair Care Volunteer

A hair care volunteer visits Hosparus patients in private homes, nursing facilities or the Hosparus Health Inpatient Care Center.  The Volunteer will bring the necessary supplies for offering a haircut or styling.

Hours vary, but generally 30 minutes to 1 hour visits for one-time assignments, scheduled by the volunteer with the patient or patient’s caregiver.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Volunteer will accept assignments from the Volunteer Department.
  • Contacts the patient or family member to set up the visit.
  • Through conversation and interaction with patient and family, will learn about the type of hair care the patient needs.
  • Provides the patient with the needed hair care.
  • Provides Hosparus Health with timely documentation of the visit and massage.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Licensed Hair Professional with a current license in file.
  • Skilled in working with varieties of hair styles.
  • Comfortable in the company of a person with a life-limiting illness.
  • Comfortable and sensitive in meeting patient and families in grief.

Training Requirements:  In order to accept any volunteer opportunity at Hosparus Health, a volunteer must successfully complete all required training and screening in accordance with Hosparus Health policies and procedures, including character references, criminal background check, TB skin test and paperwork. All volunteer time is to be documented according to Hosparus Health time standards and on a Hosparus Health Time Record or an approved alternative.