Bethany CollegeSide (Red Deer)

Mealtime/Hydration Volunteer



Department: Care Services

Reports to: Coordinator, Volunteer Services

Resource Person: Care Services Staff on unit

Location: Long Term & Assisted Living Care Facility – Bethany Care Society





Enhance mealtime experience for the senior residents by providing social enjoyment while assisting with the eating process. Engage resident in appropriate social interaction during mealtime.

Support clinical needs of senior residents by increasing fluid intake whilst engaging in social interaction






· Demonstrate awareness and adhere to all Service Excellence standards, practices and guidelines as outlined in the Volunteer Handbook and Orientation

· Follow all infection control and health practices/procedures which may include use of PPE and specific screening in an outbreak or pandemic

· Complete education session or mandatory reviews as required

· Interact with residents while supporting, assisting and encouraging them to eat during mealtimes

· Notify LPN and staff of your presence in the house, and that you are ready to assist

· Perform personal hand hygiene

· Find assigned resident in dining room, check posted nutritional profile of any dietary changes

· Apply clothing protectors if required

· Assist resident with hand hygiene

· Help resident to be as independent as possible and to maintain dignity

· Describe food items presented on plate to resident

· Add salt/pepper/butter according to residents’ wishes and dietary restrictions

· Open packages such as crackers, creamers, etc. and stir beverages

· Ensure food is right temperature, if not, cool it down by waving hand back/forth over hot food

· Obtain refills as requested by resident

· Supervise or feed resident as appropriate

· Provide reminders and support to keep resident focused on task of eating

· Assist with clearing tables, cleaning up as required

· Wear Bethany Volunteer Photo Identification

· Record volunteer hours


NOTE: Volunteer may feed only those residents they have been assigned to. There must be a staff present in the dining room at all times when feeding.











· Ability to socialize with and assist cognitively and/or physically challenged residents with a variety of skill levels

· Independent, reliable and flexible

· Mature, patient, tolerant and caring




· General Volunteer Orientation

· Security Clearance

· Standards of Conduct – Confidentiality Agreement

· Consent for Release of Personal Information – Photographs

· Receipt and Understanding of Volunteer Handbook

· Two volunteer references

· Dementia Training recommended

· Mealtime Companion training

· Unit/House Meal Service Orientation/Shadowing session

· Complete any outbreak and/or pandemic training as directed