Friends of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Sewing group volunteer

Level 3B, 28 Woodville Road, Woodville

The Friends of Queen Elizabeth Hospital require volunteers to sew items for hospital departments and to sell in gift shop 

Days and hours:  Tuesday - 9:00am to 2:00pm - not negotiable

Duties and Requirement:

  • To complete sewing jobs requested by departments within TQEH, such as pump and drainage bags and head scarves for Oncology.
  • To sew items for sale in The Friends gift shop, such as aprons, head scarves and any other items as discussed within the group and the Shop Supervisor which may be able to be sold in the gift shop.
  • Experience in the use of a domestic sewing machine.
  • A tolerance for a busy workplace & able to relate with a range of individuals.
  • Ability & willingness to follow directions.

Other requirements/information:

  • Fully vaccinated against Covid 19
  • Must have proof of influenza vaccination
  • Training of all new volunteers is done by the Sewing group supervisor.
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality & discretion.
  • Attend all mandatory OHS&W training sessions
  • Undergo a National Police Check (reimbursed once passed as a full friend).
  • Abide by Rules & Regulations of both TQEH and The Friends.
  • Attend at least 3 General Meetings of The Friends per year