North East Community Assistance Project (NECAP)

Christmas Appeal Coordinator

***All staff to wear masks until Chairperson says otherwise.

COVID vaccinations preferred, but are not mandatory


To co-ordinate the Annual Christmas Appeal to meet the aims and objectives of the

Organisation as directed by the Project Co-Ordinator.

To recruit and support a team of volunteers to work in a range of roles to meet the aims and objectives of the Appeal.

To conduct and attend monthly Team meetings.

To provide the Board with a written report on the completion of the Appeal.

To seek sponsors, grants, and donations of food, cash and toys.


  1. Ability to lead a team.
  2. Ability to work independently.
  3. Demonstrate and show initiative.
  4. Skilled in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Publisher.
  5. Good communication skills - written and verbal.
  6. Conflict resolution skills.
  7. Empathy towards clients and fellow volunteers.
  8. Ability to prepare funding submissions.
  9. Ability to speak publicly.
  10. Follow relevant WH&S guidelines


  1. To seek and obtain funding, donations, and cash to meet the needs of the Appeal.
  2. To prepare a Project Budget.
  3. To maintain an accurate record of accountability, including administrative, financial and statistical information.
  4. To submit monthly information to the Management Committee outlining tasks and objectives undertaken in the previous month.
  5. To develop time frames for Volunteers.
  6. To develop a range of fundraising options.
  7. To network with agencies and referral outlets. °
  8. To maintain open lines of communication with Duty Officer
  9. To promote the Appeal in all forms of Media.
  10. To arrange purchase, storage, and stock take of all donations.
  11. To arrange packing and distribution of Hampers.
  12. Follow relevant WH&S directives.
  13. To maintain strict confidentiality.
  14. To maintain a professional standard of work.