Technology for Ageing and Disability (SA) Inc

Custom Bicycle Builder - Freedom Wheels Program

Technology for Ageing and Disability (SA) Inc. (TADSA), formerly Technical Aid to the Disabled [SA], is a South Australian not-for-profit, voluntary organisation with one major objective – to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, and the aged, by creating, modifying or repairing devices where there is no other solution readily available.

Technical Volunteers custom build bicycles for children with disabilities, using their own facilities - usually shed or garage and their own tools.  Volunteers can decide how much work they wish to do - one or several projects per year.

Volunteers need to have good mechanical skills, current driving licence

Reimbursement of out of pocket expenses


Technical Volunteer Duty Statement - Freedom Wheels Program

  1. Design, construct and or modify equipment for people with disabilities
  2. Participate as a team member on projects with the TADSA Project Manager and the client. Other team members may include a therapist, carer and other volunteers
  3. Accepts projects on the basis of being able to complete them in a reasonable time frame
  4. Know and adhere to TADSA's policies and guidelines as outlined in the "Guide for Technical Volunteer members"
  5. Know and maintain clients rights to privacy and confidentiality as outlined in the Clients' Rights statement
  6. Complete and submit a Project Report at the conclusion of each project including drawings and or photographs
  7. Have good written and verbal skills

Although COVID vaccinations are not mandatory for our volunteers, they must advise of their vaccination status.