Calvary Central Districts Hospital

Patient Support Volunteer

At Calvary our vision as a Catholic Health, Community and Aged Care provider, to excel, and be recognised, as a continuing source of healing, hope and nurturing to the people and communities we serve. We put the person at the centre of care in all that we do. Calvary continues our mission focus in providing high quality care to the sick and vulnerable and in particular to those people approaching and reaching the end of life, their families and carers in all our services.

Days & Times: Monday to Friday negotiable - 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Roles are generally around a 5 hr shift - 9am - 2 pm max. Each volunteer would be assigned 1 x 5 hour shift each week day for the patient support role within Oncology services or on the ward. Additional volunteers required for the oncology service while moving to new premises in April 2024. 

Centrelink requirements can be met.

We look for volunteers who bring the following skills and apptitudes:

  • Ability to relate and engage with people from a diverse range of backgrounds
  • Effective listening and clear communications skills
  • Ability to be compassionate and empathetic Reliable and punctual
  • Positive attitude and willingness to learn
  • Ability to follow instructions and undertake duties with minimal supervision


Patient and visitor support

  • A copy of the current patient list may be helpful and can be obtained from the Ward Clerk at shift commencement. Prior to shift completion, list must be shredded or placed in secure confidential bin.
  • Ask the Nurse Team Leader if there are any patients with a need for extra support (such as those that are high falls risk, confused and/or wandering). Regularly interacting with these patients can help their needs to be met promptly and can reduce attempts to mobilise without assistance.
  • Introduce self to patients, listen to and talk with as opportunities arise.
  • Assist patients completing orders via ChefMax system – dietetic requirements will already be programmed into system for each patient.  (Only at CAH)
  • Orientate patients to the ward as requested by nursing staff and ensure that call bell, phone and any aids (glasses, hearing etc.) are within easy reach for the patient.
  • Welcome, direct or escort visitors to patient room and advise where hand hygiene can be performed before/after visit.
  • Escort patients able to walk unaided to X-ray, Theatre, café, and leisure walk or reception area for discharge as requested by nursing staff.
  • Receive flower deliveries, take to patient and water/change/trim/clean vase as necessary.
  • Assist patient with refreshments and regular menu completion (check with nursing staff if any dietary restrictions apply to patient i.e. fasting, allergies, fluid restrictions).
  • Ensure patient overways are prepared for delivery of meals and assist patient as required at mealtime i.e. cutting up food, removing wrappers, pouring drinks and ensuring everything within reach.

Patient support is priority. If time permits, administration support can be given as requested by Ward Clerk:

  • Restocking rooms with gloves, tissues, Clinell wipes
  • Running errands
  • Photocopying
  • Filing
  • Collating forms
  • Making up packs

Role boundaries:

Volunteer duties to align with Calvary’s commitment that volunteers will not fill positions that have previously been undertaken by a paid member of staff or positions that are responsible for core business tasks.

Volunteers are not to provide clinical care for patients. This includes:

  • Physically lifting or maneuvering a patient or escorting a patient to the toilet
  • Cleaning, stripping or making patient beds
  • Transporting blood, specimens or prescription pharmacy items
  • Counselling patients
  • Touching sharps containers
  • Enter patient rooms under infection control precautions (signposted at entry)
  • Feeding patients

Wheelchair transport and feeding of patients is permitted in some instances, at the discretion of the Director of Clinical Services and in consultation with Volunteer Services. Prior to occurring, a signed record of appropriate Calvary training must be registered on the volunteer’s file in Volunteer Services.

Selection Criteria:

  • Alignment with Calvary’s mission and values
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Team player
  • Reliable, with good time management
  • Ability to follow instructions and complete tasks with minimal supervision   
  • Familiarity with hospital settings an advantage

Essential Requirements:

  • Current National Police Check
  • Current Working with Children Check
  • DHS Screening
  • Completion of essential eLearning modules

Contact - Maria Reveruzzi - 0428 864 183