Northern Healthcare Volunteer Assoc

Cardiology Volunteer

Work with staff of Cardiology to ensure that patients and visitors needs are met, and that the experience of staying on the ward is effectively recorded for quality assurance, and improvement for future services.  Provide support to the administrations staff of the Unit.

Patient, Family and Visitor support:

  • Sit and provide nonclinical conversation and support to patients of the unit as may be appropriate
  • Assist visitors to find relatives and friends on the Cardiology ward and other wards
  • Ensure patient surveys are given out to the patients
  • Orientate patients, relatives and visitors to services and facilities on the ward
  • Orientate patients, relatives and visitors to services and facilities available in the Hospital (e.g. cafe, phones, car parking, ATM, gift shop)
  • Coordinate and maintain discharge and patient lounges by ensuring areas are tidy, clean and stocked as required. e.g. Maintain tea, coffee, milk and ensure there are cups and spoons.

Non-Patient Interaction Activities including

  • Restock and print out cardiac rehabilitation documents and notify NUM when stocks are low
  • Laminating S&Q bulletins and attach to pin boards
  • Filing for NUM and Practice Consultant
  • Turn on television in CPR station
  • Photocopy and restock orientation packs, and medicine admission packs
  • Enter compliments on to the SLS
  • Check pens are working on the PT information Boards
  • Tidy storage areas and unpack new stock
  • General photocopying and laminating
  • Photocopy procedure brochures as required
  • Form bank errands
  • Put together Cardiology procedures patient information packs
  • Address envelopes/fold patient letters and/or test results for mail out.

Expectations of the Northern Healthcare Volunteer Association (NHVA)

  • Be neatly attired when reporting for their shifts ensuring Uniform shirt and closed in shoes are worn.
  • Be courteous and helpful to clients and paid staff
  • Be prepared to follow the directions of the person in charge
  • Abide by the guidelines of the NHVA
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Be reliable and ensure adequate notice is given if unable to attend shift.
  • If unwell do not attend the shift
  • Attend any training which is provided and deemed necessary

Must have at least one Covid vaccination and a National Police Check (no cost to volunteer)

Contact: Michelle - 0466 781 624

The next steps towards volunteering:

Please complete the following steps in the order listed to ensure your application is processed

1.   Click on the "Fill in an application" on the right hand side of the screen.  Please ensure this is completed before going to Step 2.
2.   Complete the NHVA application - Click here