Maltese Aged Care Assoc SA Inc

Kitchenhand - Western suburbs

MACASA is a not for profit organisation that assists the elderly and frail Maltese and wider community clients to remain in their own homes by delivering fresh and/or frozen meals to their home, assisting with domestic issues and providing social support and transport to medical appointments.

We are looking to increase our Volunteers in our kitchen to assist in cutting and chopping  vegetables, washing and wiping dishes, assist the cook pack meals. General kitchen cleaning duties.

You will also to be  required to attend mandatory Training courses as they come up - usually 2-3 per year.  

Requirements: Personal & Food Handling hygiene MANDATORY

 COVID vaccinations, ie double vaccinated plus booster and Flu Vaccination are also Mandatory.


Working in a friendly environment :     Monday to Friday 8am to 1pm (your choice on how many days a week you want to work).   This is a Centrelink approved activity for voluntary work.  Please note this is not work for the dole.