Library - La Jolla


As the world becomes more wired and the economy demands innovation, many people are focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and how the Arts play a part. Join a team that is helping to bring STEAM innovation to our community.


1. Assist users with technology skills using a variety of devices.

2. Assist with projects or provide instruction on various STEAM subjects.

3. Troubleshoot minor technical problems.

4. May serve as a lab technician in 3D Printer Lab, IDEA Lab or Wet Lab.

5. May conduct tours of related STEAM library collections or Labs.

6. May lead a club/meetup on STEAM topics.

Minimum age to volunteer for this position is 18 and up. Requested availability is 2PM to 6PM Monday to Saturday.

The La Jolla Branch Library is located at:

7555 Draper Ave.

La Jolla, CA 92037