Work Readiness - Mentoring Program

Mentee: Homework Assistance (2) - Nancy Yeskett - Library - 3003 Coronado Ave 92154

Are you considering a career in education? Develop and practice teaching and tutoring skills with youth. Develop interpersonal communication skills and leadership skills through helping kids with their homework!

Service Months: March, April, May, June, July, and August


Application deadline:

Work location: 3003 Coronado Ave 92154

Type of Mentorship:

  • Work Experience
  • Essential or "Soft" Skill Development
  • Serving as a role model
  • Providing positive, constructive feedback
  • Helping someone meet their goals

Mentor is looking for: Anyone interested

Minimum Hours per week: 3 hours per week
Program or Project:
Homework program assistance in conjunction with our tutors
Mon & Thurs from 3-6 pm. Tu & Wed from 3-7 pm. Program hours will vary during summer months.
  •  Background check clearance through City of San Diego Personnel Department
Placement Method:
  • In person interview
  • Phone or email interview