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Veterans Benefit Coach Mondays 2-5

Have you ever had the military life? Do you understand the struggle of finding benefits? Become a Veterans Benefit Coach and using the Veteran's Resource Book and local veteran resources, provide contact information that empowers veterans and their family members to access their most critical needs.


Serve as point of contact to ensure that veterans and veteran families of every era know how to get connected to the state and federal benefits and services they have earned through military service.

1. “Staff” a Veteran Resource Station in the library for a minimum of one 3-hour shift per week to meet with Veterans and/or family members. Serve as expert listener and initial problem solve to identify the most important need.

2. Help each veteran or veteran family member complete the CalVet- "Veterans Reintegration Form." This form enters the individual into CalVet’s database and helps identify the benefits and services they need and for which they may be eligible. Once in the system, CalVet or a designated representative, will make contact with the veteran.


3. Guide the veteran toward those benefits that are likely to enhance their particular situation- and, using the California Veteran’s Resource Book, provide contact information for the County Veterans Service Office in their county - of residence, so they can make an appointment. Also, provide a checklist of the basic documents the veteran should take to their appointment in order to expedite their access to services.


4. If, during the conversation, additional service needs are identified, provide contact information to other library or community services. If a veteran is in a crisis, refer to the list of emergency service numbers provided.


5. Maintain data on number of veterans/family members served, types of questions asked, referrals made, and issues/topic areas needed but not covered in the library’s collection.


Desired Qualities

Interest in helping and serving veterans and their families.

Patience, empathy and good listening and interpersonal skills

Familiarity with military life, veterans’ issues, reintegration challenges, or willingness to learn



Basic computer and Internet skills required

18+ years old

Background check

Reference checks

Annual training video

Opportunity training

Site orientation


6 months


We are seeking volunteers who are available consistently Mondays 2:00-5:00 PM