Work Readiness - Mentoring Program

Mentee: Research Assistance (1) - Tony Khalil- Development Services - 1222 1st Ave 92101

Like research? Mentees may assist in research projects, learn how to compile, process and analyze data related to various topics such as science, education, financial planning, or environmental services.


Work location:  

  • Development Services Department
  • Street Address 1222 1st Avenue
  • ZIP/Postal Code 92101

Type of Mentorship:

  • Job Shadowing
  • Work Experience
  • Essential or "Soft" Skill Development
  • Serving as a role model
  • Providing positive, constructive feedback
  • Helping someone meet their goals

Mentor is looking for:Someone with experience or interest in my field

Minimum Hours per week: 15
Program or Project:The project entails researching wireless communications rules and regulations, federal and state as they pertain to installations of small cell facilities
Qualifications: no background check needed.
Placement Method: in person interview