San Diego Police Department - Volunteers in Policing (VIP)

Volunteers In Policing (VIP)

Area Station V.I.P.   Volunteers assist area station staff by conducting follow up research, verify reports, telephone calls of witnesses and victims; complete police crime reports; answering phones, filing and other office support.

Storefront V.I.P. Volunteers assist police staff community relations office by answering phones, helping with walk-in inquires and distributing information on police services.

Telephone Report Unit V.I.P.  Volunteers assist with police reports over the phone of minor and "no suspect" crimes, ensure proper elements of crime type exist.

Hours: Varies, depending on assignment

Location: Varies

Minimum Age: 18; Court Referrals: No

Volunteers must pass a Police Background check, (No persons with felony or misdemeanor convictions accepted) and show proof of vaccination.

Other opportunities may be available, please contact the Coordinator to discuss. Volunteers in Policing (VIPs), (619) 446-1016 / (619) 446-1014