Equipment Safety Checker

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The volunteers in this team assess donated second-hand baby and children's items for safety, function, compliance with standards and wear. This includes prams/strollers, cots, high chairs, safety gates and car seats.

Our vision is that no child in West Heidelberg and surrounding areas will be without basic material needs. 

We understand the pressures of social and financial hardship and that there are a range of reasons why parents sometimes need help to access the goods their child needs. We know we all need some extra support sometimes and that there are people in the community that want to help others who are having a hard time. 

Can you help?

 We are looking for people who:

  • Can volunteer for a few hours a week or fortnight
  • Want to learn new skills
  • Are willing to complete training
  • Are willing to obtain a police check (we pay) and Working With Children check.

Key tasks of this role:

  • Inspect items against safety checklist based on current government standards and regulations.
  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory of equipment and its suitability for distribution.
  • Understand the assembly and disassembly of items for transport to clients or for storage.
  • Carry out or arrange for feasible repairs and/or replacements to bring items to an acceptable standard.
  • Ensure all necessary assembly hardware (particularly cots) is included with items to be distributed.
  • Where possible, provide manuals (can often be sourced from the Internet).
  • Follow the Code of Conduct and relevant policy and procedures as specified by Banyule Community Health Service

For more information about the role, please email To apply to volunteer, click on 'Apply here'.

We look forward to hearing from you!