Parks - Individual Opportunities

Adopt A Flower Bed (one season commitment)

Do you have a green thumb and a talent for turning flower gardens into colourful masterpieces? The Adopt A Flower Bed Program  is looking for you!  Commitment begins in spring (late April) and goes through October.  Gardeners are required to attend one training session to learn about responsibilities, safety, types of plants and will be given their site. Volunteer gardeners are expected to maintain the garden for at least 2 hours twice a month.

Adopt A Flower Bed Program is an opportunity for community members and groups to become involved in the maintenance of existing and creation of new garden areas in Mississauga’s open spaces and parks. Volunteer opportunity is open to 14 years of age and up. 

A partial list of possible work includes:

▪Maintenance, general clean-up and beautification of existing gardens on public lands

▪Weed control

▪Wildflower planting

▪Annual and perennial planting

▪Species specific planting

▪Enhancement and landscaping of existing garden areas