Friends of Parks

Friends of Parks

Friends of Parks' groups help create better open spaces across the borough. In partnership with the Council’s Parks Service, they support their local community to have a greater say in what goes on in their parks.


This may take place in the form of promoting the park, helping with conservation tasks, organising local community events, fundraising and much more. The Friends groups also help to care for the park and are involved in improving aspects such as the appearance, facilities offered and safety.

New members are always welcome so please apply if you want to get involved!


Role Title

Friends Group Volunteer

Volunteer Team

Local Friends Group

Volunteer Supervisor

Christopher Patterson (Council contact)

Total roles available


Location of role

Dependant on chosen Friend Group

Purpose of a Friend Group Volunteer

To help promote the conservation and protection of a specific park or green space

To assist in providing an educational experience to the public on the history and/or biodiversity of the park, together with the provision of Community events.


Main Tasks

The types of tasks typically undertaken by a Friend Group Volunteer include:

  • Promoting your local park and providing feedback to park staff and the Parks Development team
  • Helping with practical conservation through voluntary action such as planting bulbs, litter picking and tidy up days
  • Organising local community events such as family fun days, arts events etc
  • Fundraising- accessing grants and lottery monies for the benefit of the park
  • Carrying out user surveys and collecting local views about the park
  • Designing information and educational leaflets about the park i.e. history, park tours
  • Producing and updating an information website or social media page
  • Attending consultations about future improvements of the park
  • Contributing to the production of parks management plans



The benefits of becoming a Friend Group Volunteer include:

  • Meeting new people
  • Making a positive contribution to a park you care about
  • Gaining a form of exercise which improves your health and wellbeing
  • Tackling vandalism and crime in parks
  • Influencing future improvements to a park
  • Ability to apply for external funding not available to the Council to improve a park
  • Access to training support provided by the Conservation Volunteers
  • Improving your employment prospects


Volunteering hours and duration of role

  • Dependent upon the particular Friends Group you wish to join



  • This will vary depending on the Friends Group you wish to join

What we look for in volunteers

  • A team player
  • Commitment to upholding the Friends Group constitution
  • A positive attitude
  • Any requirements specific to the particular Friends Group


What we will offer you

  • This will vary depending on the particular Friends Group you wish to join


What we need from you

  • A genuine commitment to work with all members of the Friend Group to improve local green spaces


Other information

  • For information on the various friends groups operating across Waltham Forest, please visit http://www.friendsofparkswf.com/about.html
  • Alternatively, please contact the Council’s park officer (please see details below)


Contact Information

Email: environmental.services@walthamforest.gov.uk