Community Litter Picking

Community Litter Picking

Apart from the annual Spring Clean event, a number of local litter picking activities take place during the year. Some are initiated by the Council and others by individuals and resident groups.

The Council offers litter pickers and litter bags to volunteers which are picked up and disposed of by our contractors.

So if you want to take part or organise a litter activity yourself then get in touch and will support you in beautifying your neighbourhood.


Role Title

Community Litter Picker

Volunteer Team

Environmental Initiatives

Volunteer Supervisor

Paola Mabiongo

Total roles available


Location of role

Various across Waltham Forest

Purpose of a Community Litter Picker

To work with other local residents to identify an area/location that needs attention and help improve their local areas by litter picking.


Main Tasks

The types of tasks typically undertaken by a Community Litter Picker include:

  • Carrying out litter picking exercise in local streets, alleyway, parks or other area identified.
  • Leaving Council issued litter bags in agreed location for Council contractors to collect.



The benefits of becoming a Community Litter Picker include:

  •   Meeting new people
  • Making a visible and positive impact to your local area
  • Tackling litter in your locality


Volunteering hours and duration of role

  • Dependent upon the location and amount of litter identified.



  • This will be provided by the specific group


What we look for in volunteers

  • A team player
  • Community minded
  • Environmentally minded individuals

What we will offer you

We will provide you with:

  •  Litter pickers to borrow
  • Litter bags to deposit the rubbish into


What we hope you will do

  • Work with the members of your group / neighbours to help clean up your neighbourhood


Other information

  • Local resident groups and individuals can contact the Council at any time to request litter pickers and bags. Please give us at least one week’s notice in order for us to coordinate the collection of your litter bags with our contractors.



Contact Information

Email: environmental.services@walthamforest.gov.uk