Spanish Catholic Center Gaithersburg

Spanish Catholic Center Gaithersburg Client Support Volunteer

The Spanish Catholic Center offers holistic services to immigrants from around the world. The multicultural staff of the Center speak more than eight different languages and have experience working with individuals from more than 72 diverse cultural contexts. 

Spanish Catholic Center offers case management assistance to assist people from various countries with to obtain resources in their community.  

The Client Support Volunteers will provide support to the Case Managers in Maryland while helping the clients in gaining access to resources within their community (SNAP, community referrals, rental relief, and immigration support).  


Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Assist with outreach into the community, especially during food distributions and outdoor community events. 
  • Support Spanish Catholic Center staff by processing client intake calls, inputting data, and other administrative tasks (Filing, providing gift cards, etc.)  
  • Assist in the gathering information on the needs of Case Management Program’s clients. Such as collecting required documents from clients. 
  • Work closely with finance manager and client representative when working at the based office. 
  • Implement and oversee client recruitment/outreach strategies that achieve intake and follow-up goals of the program. 
  • Volunteers could assist in outreaching, giving out flyers, intaking, and office work such as filing or making phone calls and making IDs for clients. 
  • Volunteers could assist with outreach into the community through which people would know the dates and times of when these events would take place.
  • Volunteers can assist by making the events run smoother for both the administrative branch and in the events themselves.
  • Update and maintain all outreach materials and weekly outreach list. 
  • Collaborate with job specialists, finance managers, case managers and other support staff to determine program needs in areas where volunteers can support. 



  • Bilingual speaker (English, Spanish, Quechuan/ Guatemalan Indigenous, Afghan, Vietnamese, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole) and is adaptable to multiple situations. 
  • Ability to be effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people.
  • 18 years or older
  • Good organization and time management 
  • Basic computer skills (Office 365)
  • Customer Service/ Communication skills 
  • Willingness to travel to different sites
  • Passion, idealism, positive Attitude, mission-driven and self-directed. 
  • Strong interpersonal skills, initiative to speak to clients who may be shy 
  • Available to volunteer in-person.  

Desired Skills, Experience & Characteristics: 

  • Passionate about helping others
  • Adaptable & Flexible 
  • Maintain consistent engagement during outreach outdoor events
  • Be very patient  

Volunteer Benefits: 

  • Volunteers will make a difference to the community and gain work experience while being part of a diverse and professional team 
  • Volunteers will develop professional skills 


  • Spanish Catholic Center Volunteers are provided on-site supervision and training by the staff members with whom they work.  

Time Commitment: 

  • 4-hour shifts; Between 9AM and 5PM (Monday- Friday)
  • Two Days a week 


  • Spanish Catholic Center Gaithersburg (201 E Diamond Ave, 3rd Floor) & other hubs and sites managed by Catholic Charities in Montgomery County & PG County  
  • Parking is available. 

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