CCLN Volunteer Attorney-licensed attorneys

CCLN Volunteer Attorney (licensed attorneys) can participate in the following activities:

  1. CCLN Case-Handling Attorney
  2. CCLN Consulting Attorney (as the role of: Mentor, Subject Matter Expert, Seminar Volunteers)
  3. CCLN Advisory Council Member
  4. 1st Stage Intake Volunteer
  5. 2nd Stage Intake Volunteer 


Licensed attorney volunteers in the activity of CCLN Case-Handling Attorney will represent at least one pro bono client who was screened through Catholic Charities Legal Network and seeks assistance with a non-fee-generating, civil legal matter in one of the following practice areas: Domestic Relations (custody/visitation), Employment, Landlord-Tenant, Will Drafting (with Advanced Healthcare Directive and/or Power of Attorney), Public Entitlements (SSI or SSDI) or Bankruptcy/Consumer Matters. A case-handling attorney will directly represent a client in his or her civil legal matter, zealously advocating for a positive outcome that improves the client’s life.   


Catholic Charities Legal Network provides pro bono civil legal services to low-income families and individuals throughout the Archdiocese of Washington. Case types, in Washington, DC and Maryland, include: landlord/tenant, family law (custody, divorce, child custody), government entitlements (SSI/SSDI), consumer debt/bankruptcy, estate planning (will drafting, advanced healthcare directives, power of attorney), employment, and record sealing.  


Note: Interested in volunteering with Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services pro bono program? Click here. 


Attorneys will be responsible for:  

  • Directly representing a client in a civil legal matter, which may or may not include representation in front of a court or administrative tribunal 
  • Effectively advocating for a client to resolve his or her civil legal matter 

Desired Skills, Experience & Characteristics:  

  • Interest in completing volunteer work using legal skills to assist a pro bono client  
  • No prior experience in a particular area of the law is necessary; mentoring opportunities are available 


  • Volunteers must be licensed and in good standing with the DC and/or MD Bar or qualify under the local rule allowing for out-of-state attorneys to practice

Volunteer Benefits:  

  • An opportunity to be mentored by more experienced attorneys
  • Build new legal skills
  • A greater sense of the legal needs in your community 

Time Commitment:  

  • Time commitment will vary depending on the professional’s availability and the complexity of the legal matter 
  • At least a one-case commitment is appreciated; this could take 2 weeks or 1+ years, depending on the matter at hand  


  • This is a remote opportunity, with access to Legal Network staff attorneys also in a remote manner 
  • If office space is necessary in the course of representing a pro bono client, arrangements can be made through Legal Network staff attorneys 


  • Volunteer orientation to the agency and CCLN will be provided
  • Training and mentorship opportunities are available through the Legal Network
  • Cultural competency training for working with clients facing trauma, as needed. 


Next Steps: The program staff person will contact you with next steps.