Angel's Watch Dinner Prep & Serve

Can you imagine your family living without a safe and comfortable place to sleep, eat, and do all the things that keep your family functioning -- meals, the laundry, homework, planning ahead? That would be a crisis. It would be a very hard way to live. Angels’ Watch Shelter provides safe, emergency, housing and necessities for women and families who are experiencing homelessness. The program mission involves volunteers in delivering services.  Residents who volunteer in the shelter often express feelings of self-worth and belonging.


The Dinner Prep & Serve Team volunteers prepare and serve dinner to roughly 24 families (70 people).


Impact of the volunteer: 

  • Improve residents’ sense of being a priority in a calm and structured environment (e.g., not crisis) 
  • Improve efficiency of the Angel’s Watch operation  

Duties & Responsibilities may include: 


Individuals and small teams of 3-3 to volunteers to work together to 

  • prepare a nutritious dinner for approximately 70 people.
  • Follow the recipes and the groceries on-hand
  • Serve the meals cafeteria-style to the families.
  • Clean up the dining room and kitchen so it’s ready for the next day.


  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years old 
  • Be able to lift and carry >10#s
  • Be able to learn to use a commercial kitchen: oven, dishwasher, sinks, refrigerator, pots and pans 
  • Complete Catholic Charities screening: application, present government ID (or alternative), up-to-date COVID-19 vaccination and booster record, criminal history check, reference check, and volunteer orientation 


Desired Skills, Experience & Characteristics: 

  • Cheerful, outgoing, optimistic, and calm demeanor 
  • Compassionate and understanding of people experiencing homelessness 
  • Recognize the dignity of each individual  
  • Able to recognize people and remember names
  • Able to juggle multiple tasks at once 


Volunteer Benefits: 

  • Volunteers will contribute to the Angels’ Watch culture of caring that gives residents a sense of hope for acquiring housing and stability for their families 
  • Volunteers will gain insight into the challenges people living on the margins of independence 
  • Volunteers will join a highly functional team  



  • Volunteers will have a staff mentor and point of contact 
  • Volunteers will receive training in front desk operations
  • Volunteers will become familiar with the Angels’ Watch shelter and team who operate it 


Time Commitment: 

  • 3-hour shifts, 4:30PM-7:40PM
  • shifts available Monday - Sunday
  • On-site at Angels’ Watch Shelter  


  • This is an in-person volunteer opportunity 
  • 11670 Doolittle Dr, Waldorf MD
  • Parking is available on-site
  • Walkable from bus stop