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Foster Carer | Brisbane North (Dakabin)

RSPCA Brisbane North - Dakabin

RSPCA Dakabin is the animal care centre for Brisbane’s North. The Dakabin shelter is located on Goodwin Road in Dakabin and contains facilities for a wide range of animals including cats & dogs, but also poultry, livestock, and on occasion a donkey or two. 

Highly sought after foster carers include...

  • Medium to large dogs
  • Adult cats (including Flu cats)
  • Mums & bubs (felines)
  • Cats & dogs with ringworm or heartworm
  • Medical recovery
  • Protective custody animals
  • Homes with no other pets
  • Homes with no small children
  • Carers who are home more often than not.

However applications are being accepted from all carers.