Volunteering with the RSPCA QLD

Foster Carer | Brisbane North (Dakabin)

RSPCA Brisbane North - Dakabin

We are so excited to announce that it's even easier to become a foster carer! Our new and improved foster training takes just 1 Hour and can be completed in the comfort of your own home. We have also updated our processes to include a virtual property check that can even be done on weekends.

RSPCA Dakabin is the animal care centre for Brisbane’s North. The Dakabin shelter is located on Goodwin Road in Dakabin and contains facilities for a wide range of animals including cats & dogs, but also poultry, livestock, and on occasion a donkey or two. 

Highly sought after foster carers include...

  • Medium to large dogs
  • Adult cats (including Flu cats)
  • Mums & bubs (felines)
  • Cats & dogs with ringworm or heartworm
  • Medical recovery
  • Protective custody animals
  • Homes with no other pets
  • Homes with no small children
  • Carers who are home more often than not.

However applications are being accepted from all carers.