Rosamund Guildford Community Garden

Gardening Volunteer

We have a one acre garden  on the eastern edge of Guildford on top of the North Downs close to Longdown Rd.

There is an expanding vegetable plot, fruit cages, orchard and two polytunnels.

Our aim is to work sympathetically with nature with no chemicals.

We work together with Surrey Wildlife Trust.

There are a variety of gardening roles  for volunteers including  weeding & general garden maintenance, helping with planting of seeds and tress, manuring and harvesting, & small building projects.

For longterm volunteers you could have your own growing area.

If you are interested in getting involved contact Joanna by clicking on the application button , complete the online form & we will be in touch.

Mission Statement

Our garden in the sweeping hills of the North Downs overlooking Guildford and its surrounding countryside are home to many species. We are working together with the Wildlife Trust and Guildford Environmental Forum, planting hedges and trees and we are currently planning to improve and extend our existing pond area to include a bog garden and boardwalk. In the food garden we grow a variety of flowers to attract bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects, we also leave some areas wild which allows the wildflowers and grasses to undergo their natural life cycles and provide homes for the bugs, beetles and spiders that are the natural predators to many of the pest of cultivated food crops. We have incorporated permaculture principles into our garden to preserve the balance of nature and often use companion planting so we can manage pests without the need for the pesticides which are so commonly used elsewhere. Our no-dig methods and use of green manures maintain the soil integrity, allowing the vital mycellium to remain intact to transport sugars to the plants. In the meadows outside the food garden there are over 100 different species of plant like wild orchids. Many animals like Skylarks and other birds also live their lives and breed in the sky, ground, hedges, trees and meadows around the food garden. We have an active badger sett and regular fox visitors as well as hedgehogs and slow-worms.