Headway Surrey (Guildford)

Regular Weekly/Monthly Volunteering Opportunities



Regular Weekly Volunteering Opportunities at Headway Surrey

Tea/Coffee maker for clients - Tues and Thursdays (10.45am-11.45am and/or 2.15pm-3pm).  Includes free drink and biscuit, friendly chatting and stacking the dishwasher.  It is a short volunteering opportunity, but it allows the staff to return phone calls and have a quick break, for which they are really grateful. 

Regular Monthly Volunteering Opportunities at Headway Surrey

Social Drop In Volunteers 10.30am-1.30pm at Headway House Always the first Friday in the month. An informal drop monthly drop in session for which we are looking for volunteers, happy to socialise with others.

Other Ad-hoc Volunteering

  • Events Team: New for 2020!!  A team of 6-10 volunteers who can be part of a rota, to run awareness tables at community events.   You offer the time and hours that suit you. Many hands make light work.
  • Events Set Up and Take Down Team: If standing/sitting still isn’t your cup of tea, then help transport items and set up/take down.
  • Raffle Scouts: - confident front - line people happy to phone and ask for raffle goods/donations.
  • Cake Makers: We are looking to host a fundraising coffee and cake morning in the new year.  Would you bake us a cake?  Please let Claire know what your speciality is.

Mission Statement

Headway Surrey supports people with head injuries, their families and carers, and promotes understanding of the implications of head injury throughout Surrey.