Farnham Community Farm

Vegetable growing - help with all manner of growing tasks - something to suit all abilities!

Our volunteers help with all manner of growing tasks; we have something to suit all abilities. Things our volunteers get up to in the field include:

Sowing seeds in the polytunnel
Potting on plants
Planting out seedlings in the field
Preparing the soil for planting, either by hand or using our 'pedestrian' tractor
Weeding and tidying up the crops
Harvesting the crops; picking and digging up the veg required that week
Weighing out veg for each member's bag
Building infrastructure i.e. putting up a shed
Topping up vegetable beds with manure or compost

Every Tuesday and Thursday our volunteers come to the field.

Tuesday 10am-4pm we concentrate on tasks involving growing the veg.

Thursday 8am-4pm we harvest the veg for that week.

Tea break and lunch break are an important part of the day! Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided.

To volunteer with Farnham Community Farm you just need to sign up as a supporter member for £2/month.

You can of course come and try out volunteering with us first, before you sign up as a supporter member.

Mission Statement

Founded in 2008, Farnham Community Farm, previously known as Farnham Local Food, is a community-run project supported by volunteer labour. Our aim is to provide fresh, locally-grown vegetables for people in and around the Farnham area.

Here’s some of the things we are proud of:

•    We care about the environment and our produce has virtually no food miles.

•    Our vegetables are the freshest in town, usually picked on the same day they are collected.

•   Same day freshness guarantees our veg maintain valuable nutrients which are lost in mass produced supermarket veg that has travelled for miles to reach your table.

•    We can grow varieties purely for taste rather than transportability.

•    Although not certified, we use organic practices to grow our veg which means everything is free of pesticides.

•    All our members have the opportunity to actively help out with the scheme.

We currently have places within our scheme if you would like to buy produce weekly.  There are a three different sizes of veg share available at competitive prices, please refer to our weekly veg bag page for more information.

As with all community projects we always need more help in all areas of our scheme.  If you think FCF is something you may enjoy being part of then come along and see us. All ages, all abilities, everyone is welcome.  We hope to see you there.