Pewley Down Volunteers

Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Volunteer

We are looking for Duke of Edinburgh candidates, at Bronze, Silver or Gold level to complete the volunteer section of your award with us.

Pewley Down is a Nature Reserve, owned and managed by Guildford Borough Council, with assistance from Pewley Down Volunteers. DoE will learn about the rare species of plants and butterflies here, and how your work will protect their habitat. Work will vary according to the season and weather, you will learn how to use hand tools: scythes, forks, loppers and bow saws. Safe use of tools and consideration for other volunteers is the first rule. In winter we cut back the scrub and in summer we monitor some of the rare species such as pyramidal orchid and chalkhill blue butterfly.

According to your level you will need to complete either 3, 6 or 12 sessions of 4 hours, as well as designing a poster for our notice boards and a small amount of on-line work. We have extra work parties when needed. Or see Guildford Borough Council web site for other environmental work. Keep your own record of hours worked.  When you complete you will receive an individual conservation certificate showing what work you have done. As you know, you can scan in photos etc. as part of your evidence for DoE awards.

Please wear outdoor clothes, work boots and gloves, and bring your own water and lunch. There is no shelter and we work whatever the weather.  We supply hot drinks and biscuits.

If you would like to join us please click on the SIGN UP button to contact us for further details. You must complete an agreement form and receive consent before you start.

DoE have been a great help to our volunteer group and we look forward to meeting more of you.