Cancer Testing South

We need help with a variety of roles! (posted 28th July 2022)


Cancer Testing South tests men for prostate cancer, one of the biggest killers of men over 40.

We are a friendly inclusive, 100% volunteer run charity and pride ourselves on our professional operations. We try to share transport where possible.


The charity has currently a need for volunteers to undertake the following different tasks:


1  Assistance (mainly on a Saturday) with organising parking, helping with tables and equipment etc.


2  Helping to keep nurses, phlebotomists and Admin supplied with tea/coffee and to collect/deliver items within indoor events.


3  Taking part in online meetings offering us support in fundraising or grants etc, Meetings organised by national volunteer support organisations.


4  Helping directly, possibly once a week, with data and email filing thus aiding trustees to function efficiently.


5  Helping the charity to set up and maintain a "Young Trustee" position. There is a support scheme but we lack the time to take part.


6  Offering at-home support for a trustee with small dog with specific needs at weekends when trustee attending events.


7  Transporting, mainly short distances, equipment from our store.


8 We also run phlebotomy training and retraining to ensure that we can continue to staff testing events. These needs might well be interesting to those who where previously working giving Covid 19 vaccinations and miss the hands on experience. A small training fee might be applicable.


9. Helping to book in men on electronic system on Event days. Easy, efficient service.

The mission statement of Cancer Testing South

The detection work of Cancer Testing South is driven by a passion to find early indications of prostate cancer and also lead to the uncovering of other frequently overlooked cancer through testing and awareness. We aim to learn educate and use knowledge, to reduce death from prostate and other cancers that regularly respond to early intervention.