zGlobal Sight Solutions (Woking) INACTIVE 12/6/23

Niche Promotion and Fundraising Specialist

Niche Promotion and Fundraising Specialist needed to maximise the income streams of two fledgling initiatives. The successful candidate should have a wealth of experience in promoting activities such as a lottery and an online shopping scheme.

It is envisaged that, initially at least, this activity will require someone with excellent online and social media experience as well as good inter personnel skills.

The candidate must be reliable, proactive, organised and self-motivated in the pursuit of driving forward both of these fundraising activities.

While the charity is based in Guildford the nature of this new role does mean that the successful candidate could live anywhere in the UK.  Liaising with the  relevant Trustee could therefore be done online and/or by regular face to face   meetings held at a venue convenient to the candidate.

The charity is completely flexible about the amount of time spent on this activity, although an indication as to the level of commitment would be required. Full support and training in respect of the charity's work will of course be provided.

Posted May 2019 

Mission Statement

Global Sight Solutions is a registered charity, based in Guildford, which provides free eye care to the world’s poorest by establishing eye hospitals in India, Africa and elsewhere. It is estimated that worldwide there are some 50 million poor people in need of this service. Global Sight Solution’s business plan ensures that each facility becomes financially self-sufficient, thereby ensuring that cataract operations, and the like, can be provided on an ongoing basis. Each hospital is administered by members of Rotary International which ensures transparency and accountability of every transaction. Rotary International provides grants for such humanitarian work and thus enables a cataract operation to be carried out for a donation of just £5 here in the UK!

Global Sight Solutions is the trademarked name of The Guildford Rotary Eye Project


Info: wwwglobalsightsolutions.org