Surrey Clubs for Young People

Volunteer Club Coordinator

About Surrey Clubs for Young People:

We are a charity that is passionate about supporting communities to provide youth clubs
and we are dedicated to ensuring that young people across Surrey and South London have
access to safe spaces with high quality youth provision.
Youth clubs are safe places to go that allow young people to build positive relationships
outside of what can often be chaotic home lives. We meet young people on their own terms
supporting them to experience new things and grow both in confidence and resilience.
Our aim is to provide enthusiastic youth clubs; a place we can show young people that
someone cares. And offer a range of exciting and challenging opportunities, through which
they can develop into confident young adults. Leading happy lives whilst making a positive
contribution to their wider community and to society.

"My club is somewhere where I feel safe to be with my friends." Club member (15).
"My experience as a volunteer has been amazing, I work with an encouraging team who
are very supportive and passionate about helping young teens. The best part of what I
do is working with the children, they are talented, creative, and generally kind individuals.
This experience has taught me a lot about my strengths and weaknesses, but I wouldn't
change it for the world." Club volunteer. 

Being part of something special:

If you are passionate about supporting young people in your local community into positive
and productive lives you can help start or join an established club as its Chairperson. This is
a special role within the club needing someone with good people, management and
development skills.

Why volunteer?

Your community benefits from your skills and passion and becomes a better place for
You can help make a real and often life-changing difference to the lives of young people
An opportunity to work, learn and have fun alongside others who are passionate about
youth work
Develop your own skills and personal development through training and learning
Be part of something amazing and feel a sense of achievement


- Being the link between the Youth Club and the Trustee board
- Ensuring the production and distribution of weekly club plans for use by youth
leaders / workers
- Ensuring club attendance records are accurately kept and in accordance with GDPR
- Assisting in the running of the youth club
- Provide regular youth club information and updates to the Trustee board
- Being proactive in delivering information and news to parents and volunteers
- Keeping up to date and informed about youth provision and the challenges that
young people face at a local and national level

Qualities that make a successful Volunteer Club Co-ordinator
- A good organiser
- Admin skills
- Gets on well with others
- Compassionate
- Confident
- Positive
- Enthusiastic
- Consistent
- Focussed
- Reliable
- Great communicator
- Good listener
- Inclusive and welcoming

If you are interested in knowing more, we’d welcome the opportunity to have a friendly
chat about this or any other of our volunteer roles. You can find out more about SCYP and
the work we do on our website
Please email: or call 07824 380 121 and we’ll call you straight

During the current time our clubs are having to work, meet and communicate in ways that ensure everyone’s safety. We understand that this will add an additional layer of responsibility and planning to the role SCYP is available to support our staff through these times of change.

Mission Statement

Surrey Clubs for Young People is a charity dedicated to ensuring that young people across Surrey and South London have access to high quality youth provision. Our aim is to provide a range of exciting and challenging opportunities for young people, through which they can develop into confident young adults. We do this by supporting a large network of youth clubs / projects across the county.