Sight for Surrey

My Guide

This is a specialist role which supports people with a visual impairment to build confidence and encourage independence.

Sight for Surrey is committed to working with blind and partially sighted people in Surrey.  We provide services so people may lead fuller, more independent lives.

The role can include any of the following:-

  • To visit the visually impaired person regularly in his/her own home
  • Promote social inclusion, and help client to become more involved in their local community
  • Set a time-limited set of goals with a blind or partially-sighted person based on the aims of My Guide
  • Develop a good relationship with a blind or partially sighted person, their friends and family and other volunteers to promote independence and share knowledge
  • Provide sighted guide and support client to meet the goals of the blind or partially sighted person
  • Demonstrate the sighted guiding technique to friends, colleagues and other interested people
  • My Guide Volunteers can encourage and support clients in a wide range of planned everyday  activities. These include going for a coffee, visiting the shops, going to the leisure centre, joining a club or group, attending a sporting event or  art and cultural activities

We will match you with a client in your local area and where possible sharing similar interests.

A regular commitment for this role will be for a time limited period for between 1-2 hours a week per client, which can be variable and negotiable. After this time, we will match you with a new client.


We are looking for flexible, yet reliable people who are confident in visiting people in their own homes. They should have good communication and listening skills, be friendly, helpful and understanding.

All volunteers will have initial training of one day to prepare for the role and learn about Sight for Surrey and its policies, awareness of visual impairment and sighted guide together with basic training on adaptive software for visually impaired people.  An additional specialist training course will be offered.

Expenses will be paid for mileage, phone call costs and any other relevant out of pocket expenses. 

If you are interested in this role please click on the 'Application Form' tab to proceed.


(Ash, Cranleigh, Farnham, Godalming, Guildford, Haslemere)