Gadget Guide

 Having a macular condition can make everyday tasks feel impossible. As a Gadget Guide you can have a huge impact on people's lives by showing them some of the simple and cheap equipment that is available to help.

Our training course will show you how to use and demonstrate gadgets like liquid level indicators at Macular Society groups and other local events, showing how simple solutions can make all the difference.

If you enjoy this you might want to develop your skills further.

New technology can transform the lives of people with sight loss but some feel intimidated by smartphones and tablet computers. If you would enjoy helping visually impaired people gain confidence with technology our training course will help you achieve this. 

You will need to be able to travel but we will meet all your expenses.

No selling is involved. Our guides simply help people try things out and them details on where to buy or get more information.


 Be a force for change

Using your communication skills and friendly approach you can expect to:

· Make a difference to the lives of people with a macular condition in your local community

· Increase your confidence

· Learn new skills

· Meet new people

· Become part of the team at the Macular Society

If you are interested please click on ‘fill in application’ & complete the short online form’