Puttenham Eco Camping Barn Project

Minutes Secretary with Puttenham Eco Camping Barn



Our project seeks someone who, in a practical way, would like to help strengthen the work we do as an environmental charity.

This is a role for someone with initiative, who really enjoys making a difference,yet who would value being part of a friendly group of volunteers working together.

You would be taking minutes of the meetings which are held approximately 8 times a year in the evenings.

There is also scope for more secretarial work.

If you are interested please click on the application form button & complete the online form.

Mission Statement



Puttenham Eco-Camping Barn is run by a small environmental charity

Project Oasis North Downs (POND)


Its mission is to provide simple inexpensive overnight accommodation in a 250 year old barn. in an environmentally responsible way.

It is aimed at walkers, cyclists & people enjoying the surrounding beautiful countryside.

The Eco-Barn has many environmental features including solar panels (on its bike shed!), rainwater harvesting & local varieties of apple trees in the garden. It is now in its 11th year of operation.

We aim to open at weekends, during school holidays and on as many other nights as we can between Easter & October.