Guildford Environmental Forum

Information Desk Volunteer

Zero is a new environmental hub in Guildford Town Centre.  The Guildford Environmental Forum will be operating a desk within the hub for people to find out about our work and how they can help make a difference to reducing the impact of climate change


As the post is a new one and voluntary the specific responsibilities will develop over time and recommendations to improve the role will be welcomed.


The role’s primary responsibilities will include:

  • Welcoming visitors and introducing them to the GEF desk within the Zero.
  • Explaining how GEF operates and giving examples of how GEF and ZCG are working together to achieve their similar missions.
  • Giving further information about the various volunteering opportunities that GEF or ZCG can offer to those who wish to know. A display will be provided.
  • Helping visitors to understand their carbon footprint and reduce it helped by tactful suggestions.


What this role offers:

We are looking for a motivated volunteer, passionate about our natural environment, to contribute towards raising the profile of GEF (and ZCG’s) work. A lead volunteer will be appointed, to whom volunteers will be able to raise any queries.


Desirable skills, experience and qualities:

(Ideally, the candidate will possess at least some of the following skills, experience and qualities)


  • Knowledge of or willingness to learn about GEF and ZCG and their projects, events and mission. Full training and supervision will be provided.
  • Enjoyment of communicating with members of the public who are curious to learn more about GEF and ZCG.
  • An aptitude for working as part of a team of like-minded volunteers.
  • A wish to support our drive for reducing climate emissions and/or stemming the loss of biodiversity near Guildford.
  • Good verbal communication skills.
  • Ideally, the ability to access the GEF website on a laptop and help those interested, who would like to join GEF on-line.


About us


Guildford Environment Forum are a Surrey based charity with a 25 year long history. We work to make Guildford (and the world beyond) a more sustainable place by educating, informing, cutting energy use, reducing ecological footprints, helping wildlife and tackling climate change. We work on local government climate Change committees, and run various hands-on projects that generate action on the environment within our local community.