Volunteering Opportunities Wintershall

Wintershall produces three faith plays annually: the nativity, the passion and the life of Christ.

Volunteers are needed in various capacities & throughout the year. There is no specific time commitment unless you are interested in acting in the plays when there is a need to attend rehearsals and the performances themselves.

Roles include:

1. Production Days - leaflet distribution, programme selling, working in the pop-up shop, ensuring donations via bucket collections, assisting the general public generally.

2. Cast - needed for the three annual plays as well as for helping with school assemblies via the Wintershall Education initiative.

3. Administrative support in the Wintershall Estate Offices Bramley

Most roles are needed in Bramley near Guildford. However the schools initiative requires some travel.

Volunteers need to be friendly, and have good interpersonal skills. All help is welcome- from those with faith or no faith.

Suitable training is given.



Mission Statement

The Wintershall Plays bring the story of Jesus Christ to life today.