Trustee - posted 18.03.2024

Trustee required

Would you like to be a trustee of HHH Concerts and continue the proud 90-year tradition of bringing the finest chamber music to Haslemere and South West Surrey? 

Your experience and background could contribute as one of eight trustees (plus a further 10 experienced volunteers).

We are a dedicated and friendly bunch and would welcome you.

HHH Concerts (HHH stands for Haslemere, Hindhead and Headley) is a registered charity, and all trustees and volunteers are unpaid. 

If you haven’t been a trustee before, here is how the Charity Commission describes the role:

‘Trustees are the volunteers who lead charities and decide how they are run. You may have heard them called board members or the board. Trusteeship is a great way of contributing to causes you care about and developing strategic and leadership skills at the same time…Anyone can be a trustee. Charities thrive when they have a diversity of skills, knowledge, age and experience on their board.’

Want to know more? Here is an overview of this important, flexible role:

As a trustee you will share responsibility for the governance, strategy and financial sustainability of the charity, working closely with the Chairman, the Hon Treasurer and other trustees.

Service as a trustee requires

Attending three board meetings and AGM each year. As a guide:

The November meeting considers the musical programme and audience development.

The February meeting considers the budget for next year.

The July meeting, plus AGM, reviews the year past and future strategy.

Time commitment and involvement:

Trustees are flexible in their time commitment and involvement: some are inclined to a non-executive role only and have a perspective and overview less involved with operational matters and individual concerts.  

Some will support fundraising; others like to contribute in the marketing, promotion or management of the concerts, in terms both of music, culture and community development. The Chairman seeks a balance of these outlooks within the trustee board. 

Additionally, there is also year-round organisational and planning activity which can take a few hours a month from home. Budgeted turnover for the year 2023-24 is £27,835.

HHH stages around 15 concerts a year which take place from October through to April, for which volunteer involvement is welcome.  

Our prime location is St Christopher’s Church, Wey Hill, Haslemere GU27 1DD, a beautiful setting with a fine acoustic suited to the intimacy of chamber music.  

Our 2024-2025 season will include the main six Saturday evening concert season, two lunchtime mini-series in October and February, at St Christopher’s, and St Bartholomew’s, and further Sunday afternoon piano recitals at Hindhead Music Centre. Our engagement with five local schools and several local care homes will continue.

Quality standards If we may blow our own trumpet! HHH Concerts is positioned as an organiser of classical chamber concerts of top quality and international standard.  It is expected that all trustees share a desire for quality of concert performance, community engagement and customer service.

Governance: The charity has policies for data protection, privacy, financial management and safeguarding.

Trustees are required to abide by these and contribute to their timely review. 

Trustees are collectively responsible for ensuring compliance with Charity Commission requirements and deadlines. HHH Concerts is registered charity number 1030309.

Term of office is in blocks of three years from AGM to AGM, with a maximum tenure of nine years.  A trustee appointed mid-year is then elected at the next AGM.

Personal specification

Essential: Board level experience in a company, charity or public body.

Understanding of the dynamics of a small business or charity where all are volunteers.

Gravitas and experience to help steer the charity for the long term.

A calm and measured approach to dealing with problems that arise.

Flexibility of time commitment.

Team player at board level and with wider volunteer group (up to 20).

Stands up for compliance with standards and policies (data, privacy, safeguarding).


Comfortable working in a team with no fixed office and minimal admin backup.

A member of the Haslemere or Hindhead or Godalming community, familiar with local music and culture, festivals and schools.

Willing to act as an ambassador in the community for HHH Concerts.

Enjoys live classical music (but there is no requirement to attend concerts).

Familiarity with regular business software e.g. Teams and Zoom, Dropbox and Google docs (training can be provided).

To apply fill in an application form here and will will get back to you.

Mission Statement

Objects of HHH Concerts registered charity 103930

The objects of the Society shall be to promote, improve, develop and maintain public education in and appreciation of the art and science of music in all its aspects by any means the trustees see fit including in particular through the presentation of public concerts and recitals.