Surrey Care Trust - Swingbridge Community Project (Guildford)

Training Support Volunteer - Swingbridge

About Surrey Care Trust (SP)

 Surrey Care Trust provides a range of services in alternative and first step education, family support and community safety.

 The role

This is a "supporting people" role, the work takes place on a canal boat, conducting environmental work, however, other volunteers manage the boat and environmental training can be provided if needed. No boating or environmental skills are needed to apply for this role, although a willingness to work in this environment is essential.

 Personal Attributes required

  •  Professionalism
  •  Diplomacy

  •  Patience
  •  Ability to support people with limited literacy skills and/or behavioural issues
  •  Willingness to help supervise environmental work

 Skills required

  •  Coaching and/or motivational skills
  • Ability to challenge negative behaviour

  • Physically fit as the work can be strenuous

  • A car driver is an advantage as the boat is sometimes moored when there is no easy access to public transport
    Time Required

    The minimum time commitment is one day every 4 weeks, and ideally we would like volunteers who can spare one regular day per week, as consistency is important for those whom we help. If you have  a particular interest or skill and would like to volunteer to support a particular group eg young people or offenders, it is likely this can be arranged, subject to the relevant checks.

    Background Checks

    Two references will be required, the Trust will also make a "Disclosure and Barring service" check, formerly CRB.


    Travel expenses may be claimed

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